Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Excellent Cookie Kid

The "Excellent Cookie Kid" is the sister of the "Fruit Bar Boy" I featured in another Trader Joe's art post. She will appear in the cookie section, above the freezer. These are mostly the crunchy type of cookie, which is best dipped in milk or coffee. When I am checking out people's purchases at the register, I often find cookie packages already broken into, with a satisfied kid and mother wiping crumbs off their chins. That's right, people open and eat stuff while they are still in the store. At least they pay for it...well, I assume that most of them do. I don't see the wrappers, etc. that children leave behind.

The "Excellent Kid" is acrylic marker on black-painted Masonite, about 2 feet square, June 2011.

(TJ's Artist Hub, you're invited to pick this up if you want...)

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meowhair said...

Yes, this is a commercial piece. I did find it pleasant in a 50's era, Wonder Bread, Campbell's Soup way. You did a good job of presenting the ongoing love affair between kids and cookies. As for munching in the store, I remember mom's putting candy wrappers on the counter to ring up when I was a checker at Dillons in my home town. Nihil novum, etc., etc.