Thursday, March 28, 2013

Abstract Sketch K11

I haven't done one of these in quite a while. This is in my "K" series of abstract digital studies. "K" is for Kandinsky, whose geometric and whimsical art inspired the series. Kandinsky combined High Modernism with playful color. I give it an alphanumeric title, the 11th "K" work, though if I were truly Modernist I'd just go with "Untitled," for all of them. The "K" series is meant to be experimental and not near any sort of finality. I can generate more Artist Statement blather for it if necessary.

I did this at the coffeehouse on the iPad, using the resources of ArtStudio. The designers give you "imprints" of pixels that you can decorate with. They also have "blender" tools and simulated "impasto" and 3-D effects. The app invites you to play with these things, without having to call the results "art." Yes, some of my artist friends would not call this "art" because it was made digitally. 

Let me say something here. This piece took 20 minutes to do on the iPad. If I were to duplicate it with acrylic, it would take 20 hours. Airbrush backgrounds, filling in shapes, adding more shapes and blurs with airbrush, and adding more accent colors in. Plus waiting for each layer to dry before I can go on to the next. How much time do I want to spend to bring this image and its series into existence? Do I want it to exist? 20 minutes or 20 hours; do the math.

ArtStudio app on iPad, March 27, 2013.

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