Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mediterranean Winery Capital

"Wine Saturday" brought me to Mediterranean Cellars, one of the older vineyards and wineries here in Northern Virginia. Other than some grass and a few tiny wildflowers, there is no leafy green and the vines are still just dark twigs. I tasted a wide array of wines there. Their Viognier is classically sweet and soft, and their Cabernet Sauvignon is surprisingly good for Virginia, though it does not resemble the California Cabernets wine lovers are used to. 

I did this iPad drawing of one of their wooden pillars after the tasting and I was once again frustrated by the lack of precision and the clumsy interface on Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. You have to switch between screens just to make any adjustments on color or "brush" shape and the opacity/size control disc in the center of your drawing is obnoxiously distracting, especially since you have to shut it off with a touch every time you want to draw. A.S.P. is better in simulating pencil and ink drawings, so I'll leave it for that purpose and return to the much better designed "Art Studio." I also want to return to Mediterranean Cellars when it is warm and green so I can draw more of their amusing wine lodge and garden ornaments.

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