Saturday, March 2, 2013

Castle Caprice

Here's another little piece I did as part of a set of small originals, this time for Balticon 1992. I guess I did pictures of dragons in those days too, but they weren't very good. One of the dragons in the back is attempting to fly upside down, which probably won't work. No one has ever depicted, as far as I know, a dragon falling out of the air and going "splat."

Everyone likes my castles but this picture, as with the others, never was bid up at auction and sold for mini-bucks ($20). If I can't sell my handmade originals for a good price, then I don't see why I should continue to use conventional media when I really want to use and improve my digital painting skills in Photoshop.

"Castle Caprice" is ink and watercolor on illustration board, 7" x 10",  March 1992.

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