Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Fantasy House Portrait

I finally finished my large house portrait, which you saw an excerpt of a few days ago. This piece has been months in the making, due to numerous revisions requested by the client, and limited time for me to work on it. But I think it's turned out quite well, with the profusion of flowers planted by the owners. The azaleas, which will be blooming for real in just a few weeks, really are that brilliant. Dogwoods and azaleas don't usually bloom at the same time but the clients requested all their flowers at once, so I've created a floral fantasy here. The late great Thomas Kinkade did the same thing, but fortunately I've been able to avoid the thatched roof and the glowing windows, though if you look carefully you can see a mini lamppost near the stone wall in front of the stairs. In fact when those dogwood trees are in leaf you can't see the house at all, just leaves, so the white flowers gave me an opportunity to show some of the simple facade and roof of the house so it can be recognized. The clients will be moving out of this house sometime soon and so they will have this as a memory of their landscape design and hard work planting it all.

Watercolor and gouache on Fabriano paper, 15" x 25", March 2013. Click on the pic for a larger view.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Wonderful work...but

"Late great Thomas Kinkad"? ICK, he was a hack gimmic artist, I don't care how much money he made!