Friday, March 15, 2013

Dirigible and Dragon

Everybody's painting 'em, so why not give it a try myself? I am as fond of a fantasy dirigible as anyone else. And throw in a dragon, of course. The dragon doesn't seem like he's about to attack the dirigible, so maybe he's leading the dirigible on its way, or even protecting it. This isn't the first dirigible I've depicted. I did one for a Trader Joe's "Fearless Flyer" illustration, and for a while my drawing (which I admit I copied from an old aviation fantasy from the Victorian era) was featured on the Trader Joe's website. I could do a lot more with Steampunk, and have been considering whether to produce some in that genre, which is ridden with cliche's. It would be a challenge to do some cliche' - free Steampunk. 

Photoshop, about 45 minutes' work, about 6" x 2". March 15, 2013. Clikondapik for a larger view.

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