Saturday, September 7, 2013

Little Earth Mover

This little digger has been working at my apartment building for days. The earthquake of 2011 damaged the foundations of the building and the maintenance had to excavate, pour concrete into the foundation, and then replace the dirt. I watched the machine and its expert driver move heaps of dirt and then replace them. It also has a jackhammer attachment which broke up a concrete patio to get at the dirt and the foundation. The whole operation has made a lot of noise. This view is from above as it was  parked at the job site. It is a Case 85XT skid steer loader. This hard-working little mover is no bigger than a Volkswagen Beetle and it is, if I may say so without disrespect to its compact manlinesss, cute. I wish I could drive one and pick up dirt. 

Pitt black technical pen and greyscale markers on Moleskine sketchbook page, 5" x 4", September 5, 2013.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Well observed. But I have to say, from the angle you drew it, looking at it quickly, it looked like a typewritter or some sort of office desk top device! lol