Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I copied this from a gun and "tactical" magazine I bought at the 7-11. There are a lot of magazines about guns at the 7-11. This fighter is aiming some sort of Israeli small machine gun. You may be shocked at this, but I have a fascination with warriors and weapons, not only archaic swords and axes. Recently I was criticized on Facebook for making a statement about guns that was totally wrong because I was so ignorant about firearms. Since then I have wondered whether I should learn more about this important part of our world, especially since our society seems to be increasingly armed. The weapon that this fighter aims is filled with details and shapes and devices about which I have no clue. But every one of those details means something for the "tactical" operation of the weapon in battle. It is not added on for style, and yet this "tactical" military style has become a major influence in civilian design, in the arts, in costuming, in illustration, even in sports. A nice girl like me should not be paying attention to machine guns, and as many people suggest, I should not say anything about things which I know nothing about. This means that I can only talk about Photoshop, classical music, weird religion, and birds of the eastern United States. 

It's not just guns. I have an internet correspondent (not really a friend) who can identify every single plane or aircraft that he sees in the sky, and every locomotive or passenger or freight car that he sees on the track. I am in awe of this. I suppose I could learn to identify a gun (I know that's not what they're called, they are pistols or rifles or something else more specific) or an aircraft or a locomotive the way I've learned to identify birds. I actually think it might be fun and would alleviate boredom. But then maybe I should just stay with my wine and wineries, and keep my warfare and transportation interests to myself lest someone track my internet searches and conclude that I am dangerous. What was the question?

Tactical black ink on sketchbook page, 5" x 4", September 4, 2013.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Guns are evil, they are part ofhe world but one of the bad parts!! Don't get into them!