Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Mecha Sketch

Mecha robots share some design themes with Baroque armor sets and costumes. They are overloaded with detail. If the mecha was an actual fighting machine, all these details would have a purpose and significance. The blocky armor must also fit together in ways that would allow the battle robot to move quickly on the field. This sketch is again adapted from David White's book "MechaZone." He's been drawing these things all his life and he would know what purpose every detail would have. Some of his creations are barely humanoid, but ones like this have articulated arms and legs and can walk as well as wield a giant electric sword. The challenge is to portray the robot clearly enough so you can tell where its limbs are. As with most of these armored rock 'em - sock'ems, their heads, or headpieces, are rather small compared with the size of the body. 

Even I can identify some of the parts of this fighter robot. The two barrel-shaped things on its back are power sources, mini-fusion plants to make the laser guns blast. The red spots are sensors and infra-red blasters as well. The right hand holds a large gun with multiple barrels. The left hand holds a huge electric sword, and there are also some smaller weapons imbedded in the armor. Altogether the robot is about twenty feet tall.

Ink on sketchbook page, shaded and colored in Photoshop, 3 1/2" x 4", October 20, 2013.

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