Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Horses of Heaven

The owner of this picture loves my fantasy architectural scenes. He missed out on getting one of these at a convention, so his friends ordered another similar picture from me to give to him. I borrowed fanciful towers from French and German Renaissance castles, and then set the whole thing in Mercedes Lackey's world of "Valdemar," where magical Heralds dressed in white ride magical horse-beings called Companions. The Heralds and their Companions, who speak with them telepathically, travel around their kingdom righting wrongs and doing good, or at least trying to do good. The Companions are always white, with blue eyes, and they wear beautiful trappings which look like parade or carousel decorations. I designed this picture not as an explicit illustration of a Lackey text, but as a Heavenly echo of Renaissance fantasy.

"The Horses of Heaven" is watercolor and gouache on illustration board, 10" x 13", December 1992.

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