Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zephaniah Winery

I've tried to find this winery a few times and this is the first time I've succeeded. Zephaniah Farm Vineyard has been around for years, hidden away in the estate country near Leesburg. It is in a farmhouse which is also the home of the family which owns and operates it, so basically, you're tasting wine in their living room. The house is filled with 19th century antiques and decor, all comfortable and elegant too. The wine was superior, especially their Chardonnay. I drew this scene while wine drinkers were looking on. The purple color scheme of red wine, dahlia flowers, and curtains prompted me to leave it as a two-color composition rather than multi-colored. 

Ink and colored pencil on sketchbook page, about 7" x 7", October 26, 2013.

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