Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Small wine logo

I created this small wine logo in a few minutes, to use as a spot illustration in my upcoming winery picture book. I drew it with a new Pentel Stylo sketching pen, which has a slightly flexible plastic nib that simulates an old-fashioned fountain or dip pen. The wine is a Trader Joe's Chilean Chardonnay, which I decided looked better in red. Wine experts will immediately recognize this color as false since red wine is not usually bottled in this shape of bottle.

I won't have any color on it when I incorporate it into the book. Another wine expert might question whether the amount of wine in the glass matches the amount of wine missing from the bottle.

Pentel Stylo ink on Bristol board, about 4" x 4", October 8, 2013. Color added in Photowineshop.

1 comment:

Jim Trigg said...

In terms of wine level, looks legit - as much or more wine is missing from the bottle as is in the glass, so it is not unreasonable to assume a second glass (not pictured).