Monday, October 7, 2013

Dragon Lord of Dorthar

This costume portrait illustrates a character from Tanith Lee's "The Storm Lord." Tanith Lee in the 1970s wrote juicy, description-filled fantasy tales of conventional ancient-world battles and intrigues. This suit of elaborate parade armor belongs to a disguised prince who must fight his way to the throne which is rightfully his. 

I designed this to be fantastical but I was hugely impressed to see that someone had created a similar design as a wearable costume. This happened in 1987 when the late great costuming genius Adrian Butterfield presented her "Elric of Melnibone" parade armor costume at the Brighton Worldcon that year. I was able to inspect the outfit at close distance including the scale-mail made out of plastic chips. This was not inspired by this drawing of mine, it was far better than I could have done.

"Dragon Lord of Dorthar" is ink and watercolor on illustration board, about 9" x 14", November 1985. Clikonthepic for a larger view.

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