Sunday, February 23, 2014

Digital Pin-up Girl

I finished another digital pin-up girl and here she is. I've worked on her for days trying to solve problems and learn more ways to depict flesh and faces. There are still plenty of things wrong with this digital painting but I think it's better than the previous ones I've tried. The face especially needs work and I'll be trying again on faces soon. Meanwhile her face kinda ended up looking like a co-worker of mine which is not unusual because I often use my co-workers as models.

I'm trying to do that trendy development thing where you work at something and give yourself a new challenge each time, which is called "deliberate practice," until you've worked 10,000 hours and get to be an expert, but I don't know whether that 10,000 hours counts for "time served during your lifetime" as an artist rather than starting over right now. Am I "passionate?" Am I driven? Am I dedicated? Do I work hard all the time? Hard work. Hard work. Hard work. For the sake of digital pin-up girls.

Photoshop, 7" x 10", February 2014. Click for larger view, if you must.

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