Monday, April 21, 2014

Priestess of the Pentacle

I don't depict faces very well, it's part of my general failure to depict people well. But this one is marginally better than my usual. I copied an old fashion photograph to get something right. I forget what was in her hand originally. I put a Pentacle in her hand as a shameless ploy to attract a Pagan customer. Sure enough, someone bought it at a convention auction, and I think she was a Pagan, too. I used to be a lot closer to the Pagan community. Back in the "old days" I designed covers and logos for Pagan and New Age conventions and even helped run one or two of them. Now I'm not even sure the Pagan movement is still active. It must be but I don't have the contacts I used to, and their leadership is getting old or even dying off. I remember Paganism being kind of enjoyable, full of pleasant symbolism and a friendly view of Nature, colorful and tolerant of most lifestyles. It was also a good source of art clients though now as they age the Pagans, never the most financially secure of people, have no money to spend on luxuries like art, and no space to display it.

"Priestess of the Pentacle" is 6 3/4" x 8 3/4", watercolor and metallic acrylic paint on illustration board, October 1997.

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