Saturday, April 26, 2014

TICA Cats Logo

Some of my best clients and friends are cat fanciers. One couple, who own some of my very best art, are professional cat judges and travel the world attending cat shows where they handle the prize felines all day long and pronounce judgement on what makes the cats true to their breed. The cat culture is a mix of furry cuteness and hardcore politics. Cat breeders and show folk remind me of academics and their epic conflicts that mean the world to them but do not ever leave their little purr-view. I've visited many a cat show simply because I was invited by my friends and I love cats. I have no cat to be shown or judged.

Every so often my cat judge friends would ask me to do some logos and graphics for them. This is one of them. The name of the cat show that had this logo was "MulTICAts," where the capital letters stood for TICA, "The International Cat Association." The emphasis was on a multiplicity of different breeds. I designed the logo in the form of a "triskelion" or Irish whorl, where three curved forms fit together in a circle. The forms here are a Maine Coon cat (seen from the back), a domestic tabby with striped tail, and a Persian with fuzzy coat and plume tail. Together they form a "tri-cat-skelion." 

Original design is ink and computer-printed type, about 8" x 8", April 1996.

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