Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TJ's Chicago Popcorn

There really is such a thing as "Chicago Popcorn." It is an over-the-top mix of caramel AND cheese-coated popcorn, a loaded blend of sweet and salty. I've been to the Windy City and have been offered the hot dog version of it, a "Chicago Hot Dog" covered with everything, and luckily I refused it. I've only tasted a little bit of this Trader Joe's tribute mixture, and I think that's enough. I like my popcorn very lightly seasoned. I toiled on this billboard all afternoon and didn't think it was very good, but on second glance it doesn't suck, since I added in the red baseball uniform-style lettering and the baseball in the lower left corner. (Cubs win! Cubs win!) The "Chicago" lettering also has a slight resemblance to the ornate logo of the famous pop group "Chicago." I didn't have time to throw in Frank Lloyd Wright or the skyscrapers, but my graphics are readable and that's what counts.

Popcorn billboard is acrylic markers on black-painted hardboard, 6 ft. x 2 ft., August 12, 2014.

No By-Product for the next few days as I am going on a short vacation to places green and lovely and winey.

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