Friday, September 5, 2014

Commercial Landscape

I sat on a hard concrete stoop in front of a bank to do this on-site cityscape. (Sitting on a hard surface like that was not such a good idea for back pain, but this is live art.) I drew Virginia politician and car dealer Don Beyer's Kia dealership. This building was remodeled in the last few years when Beyer started selling Kia's. He is originally known for selling Volvo's. The red plane with the logo intersects the old building in a post-modern commercial geometry. The entire area is almost completely covered with cars, whether parked at the dealership or packing the rush-hour roads. As a one-time Greek scholar, the KIA logo misleads me. In standard Western script, i.e. Roman, the upside-down angle of the third letter, without the horizontal crossbar, is meant to be understood as a capital "A." But in Greek, it's a capital Lambda, which is the Greek letter L. So in Greek, the cars are "Kil." Well, the original makers of these vehicles use a completely different form of writing, Korean "hangeul," but you wouldn't put that on a car made for Americans, although it would be kind of cool. Or "ceul." Or "Kil."

Pitt technical pen black ink on sketchbook page, about 5" x 8", September 4, 2014. Accent color added in Photoshop.

Note to my devoted fans, all 10 of them: I've decided to continue blogging here on my daily schedule, as much as possible. The process keeps me working on art and deadlines, even if it's only my own deadline. It gives me a "Nobbs-ian" moment of Creativity every day even if what I put up might not be large or of high quality. Doodles count as Art By-Products. Cheers folks.

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