Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Girl and Dragon

This is an older attempt of mine to do the "warrior babe" theme. I added a dragonish-iguana as a friend to the girl. The original title was "The Allies," as I haven't seen too many dragon-and-babe combinations where she isn't riding the dragon but doing action alongside it. This was just an experiment and there isn't enough boob showing, you have to twist your girl model into a position where you can clearly see her chest as well as the arm and hand with the sword. And the creature can't look cute the way it does here, it has to look fierce. I regard this as a challenge, I would do pictures like this just to prove that I could, but I have never been successful at it. Other artists, especially professional comic book artists, can knock one of these off in 15 minutes, perfectly drawn and exaggerated figure and all. 

"The Allies" is mixed media and colored pencil on some sort of paper, 7" x 10", winter 1993.

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