Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fabulous Military Science Fiction You'll Never Read...

Here's more character concept art I did for a private client. He was a fan of military history and Celtic culture (the standard mix for late 20th century science fiction fans) and was writing a science fiction saga about a heroic family of Welsh origin who manned and defended their own battle worthy spacecraft. At least this is what I surmised as I never got to read any text. There may never have been a first draft, let alone anything published. I got scattered notes to create my images from. Above is Captain David Glendower, a handsome hunk along the James T. Kirk line. Next is his sister Gwynneth, of course red-haired, an action heroine with a blaster. She's his first officer, after all this is a family ship. More than that I cannot tell you, because I don't know. If I go to certain conventions in my area, I still see the person who commissioned these portraits and created their world. He's 25 years older, still wandering around with his sheaf of research papers (or probably an iPad or other mobile device), perhaps still thinking about writing that second chapter.

Both these images are watercolor and ink on illustration board, 8" x 10", June 1989.

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