Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Deryni Graphic Panel

As I said before, I am currently immersed in the medieval world of Katherine Kurtz' Deryni, reading her book about the boyhood of her hero Alaric Morgan. Many years ago I did some sample pages for a possible graphic novel based on a story about Morgan and how he did magic to empower his King (the bearded guy at right) so that he could fight a magical battle. I drew my graphic pages in black and white inkwork, no color, which would be cheaper to reproduce. This is a panel from page 7. The teen-aged Deryni wizard, Alaric, is at the left.

I wanted to continue the graphic novel but the story seems to have changed as it is re-told in the new book, THE KING'S DERYNI. Katherine Kurtz is a good friend of mine and she said that since she had re-told the story with some other features not in my comic, it wouldn't be possible to finish it because it was obsolete. I guess when the author tells you the story changed, you had better accept it. She runs Deryni Reality, not me. I still have my own original graphic novel with Enlil the volcano wizard and the eruption of Mount Etna.

Old-fashioned india ink and pen on illustration board with computer-printed lettering, about 7" x 5 1/2", sometime in 2002.

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