Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Medievaloid World

This image of a castle-like building is an excerpt from the piece I am currently working on, a book cover for a digital edition of a fantasy book by Christopher Stasheff. Like Katherine Kurtz, Stasheff created a "medievaloid" world full of knights, ladies, wizards, villains, royalty, and magical children. But unlike Kurtz' more realistic world, Stasheff's world is (mostly) humorous, with wisecracking elves and snarky faeries and slapstick jokes and some seriously bad puns. There's also an amusing mixture of science fiction and Catholic church theology. The title I'm working on now features a self-styled "archbishop" on a power-grab, who must don knightly armor and fight in single combat with the hero of the book, who rides a robotic black stallion endowed with artificial intelligence. This building isn't large in the picture, it appears behind the figure of the "archbishop." 

Photoshop, about 6" x 6", September 29, 2015.

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SirNolen said...

I had assumed it was the Abbey of St. Vidicon.