Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ox-Eye Vineyards Tasting Room

Staunton, Virginia is an old industrial and commercial town which is being turned into a tourist attraction with hotels, restaurants, shops, and wine-related places, such as the "Ox-Eye Vineyards" tasting room. (An "Ox-Eye" is a familiar white-petaled daisy flower with a  yellow center, which grows at the vineyards.) This neat place was once a scale house where loads of coal were weighed near the railroad tracks. The oddly shaped little brick building, with its archway underneath, was unused for many years but in the last few years it has been re-created as a wine tasting room. I visited on a beautiful day and sipped their wine while sitting and drawing in the archway shadow. The brickwork of the old industrial building has been painted yellow. There is room for another wine deck at the other end of the archway space. The other drawing depicts the Klotz building across the street, which was originally founded by the brothers Klotz, itinerant Jewish businessmen who settled in Staunton. By the way, though it looks like it should be pronounced "Stawnton," the town's name is said as "Stanton."

Brown tech pen ink on sketchbook page with colored pencil and some Photoshoppage, 8" x 11", August 22, 2015. Click on image for larger view.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Lovely as always! So, when will you be doing your second Winery book?