Friday, January 29, 2016

A Carpet Fit for a King

This is the most elaborate and majestic rug design I did for my Persian client. It contains most of the ancient Persian motifs I had been working with. With CorelDraw I was able to multiply the designs and reverse them when necessary. In the center are two images of a Persian King standing between two griffins, which is a standard heroic theme of man and beast. CorelDraw also had the option to build repeating patterns on a flat color area and you can see some of them on this design. This is the kind of thing I'd love to see in a Persian restaurant.

Fifteen years later Iran shows signs of compromise with the wicked godless West. My Persian client, who is rather old if he is still alive, lives in retirement in an Iranian colony outside of San Diego. And CorelDraw tells me, as a software company will, that CorelDraw 12 is "unsupported" by them and I really ought to upgrade to "X7." I would only do that if they still had the features I liked so much when I was doing my Persian work.

CorelDraw rescued design on Cintiq, about 2000. Click for larger view and enjoy your kebab and rice.

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