Saturday, January 2, 2016

Drive the Carlet In 2016

2016 is here! You'll need a parking space and here's something that will fit into the urban cubby. As you remember, the theme for rust-red 2015 was "Industrial Patterns." A clever friend suggested the new theme for this year: Transportation. If it rolls, trots, flies, drives, sails, or otherwise moves while transporting something or someone, I'll be drawing it. I might copy, adapt, or outright invent a vehicle, and it can run all the way from history's chariots to the future's fusion-flying fabu-cars or fantastic biovehicles which come alive and ask you for fuel when they're hungry. So stay tuned and make sure your ticket is available to the conductor. 

This first entry is a three-wheeled "Carlet" which is perfect for tooling around the city. I wouldn't take it on a big highway though. The Carlet seats two, or perhaps three if one of them is small. The engine is in the back (left of drawing). You'll get a lot of mileage out of this without having to struggle with pedaling, or getting the rain in your face riding a motorcycle.

I adapted this design from an existing experimental two-wheeled vehicle, actually an "enclosed motorcycle" but that concept bike needed a pair of "training wheels" or a wheeled outrigger to keep it from tipping over.

Drawing of the Carlet is 6" x 4", tech pen ink on sketchbook page. Happy new year, readers!

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