Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Visual Riches of CorelDraw

Here I am unloading my saved treasure of CorelDraw 12. This graphics program has something which I have never seen on any other similar program. This feature is a large library of natural and artificial textures, simulating anything from rocks to waves to leaves as well as glitzy stars, neon lights, and spectra. These are all pre-set and you get to decide what colors and color combinations they have. Even better, if you click on its control symbol, your chosen texture will change its shapes and colors without changing its basic theme. So you might have galaxies or rivers in many different shapes...if you don't like the one you have, you can ask for another one, over and over again.There are controls for changing the features of the theme, too, like just how many waves you want or how bright your stars will be. Sure, you can do this texture quest on Photoshop but you must create it yourself and layer in the colors, or just borrow a texture from something you scanned in.

The orange and purple background in this sketch is generated by one of Corel's graphic themes, a "mineral" abstraction. I added orange to the mineral and it becomes volcanic. Then I exported the background to Photoshop and went at it with black shadowy shapes to complete the infernal quality of this photoshop concept. I am surrounded by digital art gadgets and each does a different thing.

"Volcanic City" is CorelDraw and Photoshop, January 7, 2016. Klic for larger view.

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