Sunday, January 17, 2016

Winding Winter Vineyard

Here in Virginia we are getting a break on winter weather, at least for now. It could get really cold but it hasn't snowed yet. And the grass under the vineyards is still green! It is still winter though with a whole sky full of beautiful clouds. I was out at my "home base" vineyard, "Winding Road Cellars" this Saturday to taste some new vintages and do a sketch. It was done from indoors as it was too cold to sit outside. 

This picture was done in two sections. The top sky to the horizon was done on site, but I ran out of room on my screen so when I got home I placed the original drawing on a larger digital workspace and created the green vineyard with its lines of baby vines from memory. The on-site drawing was done on my iPad and the rest of it was done on Photoshop in the main studio. I did not use the Cintiq as I am still not proficient enough to take it out on the road. Soon though I will be and will post more results.

"ArtStudio" on iPad, finished in Photoshop.

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