Monday, January 18, 2016

Digital Ink Mamie

I solved a persistent problem with the Cintiq in which "control" pop-ups from Photoshop continued to appear on my drawing at the point of my stylus. The fix was quite hard to find but it's working now. Once properly digitized I proceeded to my latest effort in "digital inking" namely this little glamour portrait of the actress, model, and entertainer Mamie Van Doren. She was a "bombshell" sex idol in the 50s and 60s and is still alive nowadays. If you read the Wikipedia entry she seemed to have quite a life. I am very pleased at how the Cintiq does digital inking. I wish I knew what the lower half of Mamie's costume was like in this shot. Sure this isn't a masterpiece but I am getting to know this fancy gadget better every day. I think I'll buy the latest version of Painter 2016 to glam it up some more.

Photoshop on Cintiq, January 17, 2016.

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