Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Darkover Spell Sword Fights Catmen

Darkover again! But this is not fan art, it is professional art that I did as frontispiece illustrations for a collector's item edition of some of Marion Z. Bradley's older Darkover works. I designed an ornate archway for the series, which I copied in photostat (an ancient but durable medium) and then dropped the ink drawing into the arch space. This one is from THE SPELL SWORD, one or Marion's earliest Darkover tales. In the story, a young man must protect his family against the onslaught of the Cat-men, lion-like, sentient and fierce creatures.
He knows nothing of swordsmanship but that's all the weaponry he has. In order to defeat the foe, a magic user forms a psychic link between the young man and an elder hero who was once one of the greatest swordfighters of the realm. The old man directs the younger man's sword and movements by psychic remote control until the battle is won.

Original drawing was ink and photostat, 6" x 8", October 1978. Re-blogged from February 11, 2015. Why? Because I forgot to check whether I had already blogged it. Eh.

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