Friday, February 9, 2018

Tapes of Yesteryear

What is this? It's a pile of 7 inch diameter reel to reel tapes in their boxes, preserved since the 1960s and still playable. This and many many other piles are in my apartment, the legacy of my parents and myself. I have not played these tapes for uncountable years but at some  point I must, either to re-record their contents onto digital format or to leave them or throw them out. I have a working reel to reel tape set-up, rare as that is. There are probably almost a  hundred tapes, salvaged from the old family home.

The Archive has just about eaten my life. There is always more to do, especially with photos and negatives and documents. I sit and wonder, why do this? I have no descendants to leave all this to, and there's no guarantee that any of my cousins has any interest at all in it. But then I got an insight in one of those brain-stalled moments which happen to me every so often (and possibly you, too). I've placed some of these pictures with caption and writing on Facebook. Why not add them to the By-Product as well? They aren't exactly art, but they are a By-product of ages of amateur snapshots. This blog is going to need more content as I run out of old art. Why not add these to the mix? Not every day of course but when I get one with image and story value. I'll still be drawing new stuff and adding older art. My Blogefforts will be getting upgrades, at least the Other Electron Blue. I gotta keep busy you know, and all ten of you have my highest esteem for staying with me to visit my blogs. 

Sepia brown ink on sketchbook page, 4" x 4 1/2", February 9, 2018.

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Mike (Altus) said...

Perhaps some future historian will thank you for your efforts. :)