Monday, February 5, 2018

New England Woodwork

Before I lived in Turnipstan Beltwayville, I lived in Cambridge, Mass., a town full of old wood buildings with plenty of nicely crafted roof and porch work. This place here was only a block away from my residence. You can see it's autumn as the trees are turning gold and orange. I drew a number of these buildings in my sketchbook. I set up my outdoor sketch station while it was still warm enough to draw and paint outdoors. When the snow came, I could only draw through the window.

Many of these buildings are protected by law as "historical" including the one I lived in. Any rebuilding or re-modeling must leave the exterior and original design intact. The house I lived in was originally a duplex, divided into four apartment residences but after I left, the new buyers who were filthy rich gutted the whole place and made it into one big house. But you couldn't see that from the outside. Peculiar that all the 10 years I lived there I never drew any sketches of the place. Probably I was deterred by all the bad memories which still remain with me.

Sepia brown tech pen and watercolor, 5" x 8", about 1979.

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Texchanchan said...

So peaceful! I like this one very, very much.