Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bluemont Porch

During the saner portions of my recent summer, I traveled through Virginia looking for beautiful, rural nostalgic scenes and architecture to photograph. I found an idyllic place in Bluemont, Virginia, where I went to a fair in September. The weather was sunny and perfect, and I took lots of reference photos there. This image is from one of them. I love porches. They symbolize the ideal nostalgic village life which is probably better in fantasy than in reality. You sit on the porch and people come by in the warm evening. Remember my dream of making the summer last forever. I wish this were my porch, but it's at least my painting. I'm planning to frame it and take it back to Bluemont; perhaps a local antique and art dealer will show it in his shop. And maybe the people who own this house will buy this. Ink and watercolor, 9" x 8".

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Tristan Alexander said...

While very mundane (meaning normal and evryday), it is still lovely and I wish I could paint things like that.