Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Space Duck

This digital improvisation or "speedpaint" was done in about an hour in Photoshop, while I was listening to an ambient electronic music improvisation by my friends Darrell "Palancar" Burgan and Stephen "Duck" Philips. They improvised on their instruments and played together despite being separated by more than a thousand miles. Burgan is in Texas and Philips is in the Maryland side of the Washington, DC area. In fact, Burgan set down his notes without being able to hear Philips, and their communication was by instant message chat, rather than sound. This is the way music can be created these days. The improvisation was more than an hour long, composed of lush drones and drifting spacey passages, mercifully free of harsh noises or annoying rhythms. Perfect for a dark, rainy November night. The improvisation was recorded and will probably be available, eventually, from one of the download sites connected with the Stillstream composers. The title of the picture, "Space Duck," is in honor of Stephen Philips, owner of the "Dark Duck" record label.

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