Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spaceship Rendezvous

This spaceship picture, painted in August 1986, was originally an unpublished illustration from a book by C.J. Cherryh, "The Kif Strike Back." It was a mixture of airbrush and hand painting, and my notes say that the adhesive masking film I used during the airbrushing tore up the surface of the painting when it was removed. I did the best I could to repair it, and 23 years later, Photoshop has done the rest of the job. This is acrylic on illustration board, 12" x 20", and it was sold to a fan at ConFederation, the World Science Fiction Convention that year in Atlanta, Georgia.


Tristan Alexander said...

Boy, this looks like it would have made a great cover! I like the way the big ship/space station recedes/fades into the background.

emikk said...

This not only is a good painting, I can also test my distance vision!