Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Red Nebula

Even though my overwrought iMac is still in the shop waiting to be retrieved, I can still do just about everything I need to do with my faithful iBook G4, now more than 3 years old and still good. Its name is "SoyMac" and she has been my studio machine now for quite a while. The artwork above is from a series I painted in October 1986. It's called "Filaments of Fire" and is a nebula perhaps radiating in the infra red or hydrogen-alpha radiation. There are also glowing areas which are protostars just being formed. It's acrylic on illustration board, 10" x 7". We wouldn't see these colors in space. All the bright nebulae and galaxy pictures published for our wonderment are color-enhanced. We need a glamorous universe.


Mike said...

I have the same thoughts about the "visible" galaxy. It's a shame we can't see such beauty with just our eyes.

Excellent art as always!

Tristan Alexander said...

Very nice! I realy like this one. If we had the eyes of an Octopus (the clossest to human of all animals) we would see more of the color spectrum and the Universe would look more colorful without "enhancement".