Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Colors of New England Fall

I had almost no time to do drawings when I was in Massachusetts. Social tasks took up all my time. But I did manage to do these two colored pencil sketches looking through the windows of my parents' house. Their property is overgrown with shrubs and tree seedlings and weeds. These plants are colorful in the fall, before everything turns brown and grey. The roof in the image above is from a shed which was my playhouse when I was young. It's now almost buried in vegetation. The image below depicts a catalpa tree sprout in front of a brilliant red euonymus shrub. I wish I could clean up my parents' landscaping, but I can't. And my father refuses to pay for any service, anything which costs any money. He is too weak to maintain it himself, so the old homestead has fallen into disrepair.

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Tristan Alexander said...

To bad the property has fallen into disrepair. But it sounds like from an artistic poit of veiw it is wonderful to look at and draw/paint. I love overgrown yards and places that nature is reclaiming. These two sketches are certainly colorful and great Fall pics.