Friday, April 9, 2010

Andromeda Fleet

Spaceships are architecture in space, as I've explained before here. So when I depict spaceships, I can borrow from the work of architects. These were borrowed from my old ideal Lebbeus Woods (see "Lebbeus Tower" from my March 27 entry) and placed over a rather messy nebula background. Space architecture is always in ultra-high contrast because there is no atmosphere to blur the details and soften the transitions between dark and light. Even a foggy-looking nebula is really a very thin gas, much thinner than a planetary atmosphere.

I should try and paint some more spaceships, this time in digital media. I would do much more but I am constantly lacking available time, just like everyone else where I live. I admit that I spend too much of my precious time looking through pages and pages of other people's art on "DeviantART." Then I get jealous and frustrated because some twenty-year-old boy in China or Rumania or Singapore is doing better art than I have ever done.

"Andromeda Fleet" is (you have this memorized by now) acrylic on illustration board, 10" x 7", September 1990.

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