Thursday, April 8, 2010

Slug Me

My art buddy Tristan, who has contacts and clients in the "anthropomorphic" community, tells me that everyone has an animal analogue. This is a creature which they can dress up as, or impersonate, or at least identify with. Some people might have a lion, or a horse, or a fox as their animal identity. The persona (sometimes called a "fur"-sona) is a mixture of animal and human features. Tristan's persona, for instance, is a bat-human.

So I asked him, do I have an animal persona? Sure I do. I am not much of a fan of anthropomorphic (or "furry") role-playing, but I do have an animal that I identify with. I am a slug.

Ever since these creatures ate all my strawberries out of my garden patch back in Massachusetts, I have had a sympathy and fascination with them. It also helps that they are slimy, loathsome, and, uh, sluggish. I also like that their eyes are on the end of extendable stalks.

Thus I present here my anthropomorphic persona, or perhaps "slime-sona," that is, my identity as a slug. I'm ready to devour your garden and then retreat under a rock to do lots of nothing.

Realized in Photoslug, April 8, 2010.

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Tristan Alexander said...

LOL! Well, if this is how you see your anamalistic side, it is interesting. My friend Theddy (who has multiple fursonas) has one that is a sea slug! He has done some very odd but lovely pictures of that creature! I have to say, your slug looks happy!