Sunday, April 11, 2010

Black Lion-Headed Rabbit

I visited the house of some friends on the evening of April 10. They keep rabbits in their home ("house-rabbits") and one of their new acquisitions, a bunny in temporary residence as a foster-care creature, is a "lion-head" rabbit. I had never heard of that kind of rabbit but here are some fancy samples. This one here is less extravagant but still has the fluffy ruff around its head. It's all black with just two white spots, one on its nose and one on its chest. It was active and friendly and I got to pat it on the head. Then I sketched it. The bunny is named "Dervish."


Tristan Alexander said...

Never heard of this kind of rabbit either. Did you see my most recent rabbit related picture?

Anonymous said...

I went to site that you noted and found these rabbits to be curious and adorable. My regards to your hosts for taking in foster rabbits.