Saturday, April 24, 2010

Venus and Taurus

A friend of mine wants to commission me to do a mythological piece on the theme of "Venus and Taurus." The idea was to depict the Goddess of Love and Beauty calming a raging bull. These figures are linked in classical astrology which is a factor in the commission assignment as well. We in the Northern Hemisphere are currently in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by the planet Venus, bright in our evening skies.

I showed this digital sketch to my friend/client tonight and though he enjoyed it, it was definitely not what he wanted. He showed me another picture entirely - of football action! to show what he wanted. His Venus and Taurus are engaged in a much more aggressive way, with the bull charging like a tackler against an opponent holding the ball. The mood is more like bullfighting than football, though instead of murdering the bull, Venus will tame him with bravery and Love. So I'm back to the drawing screen, but not for a while as I will be out of the studio for a week or so.

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