Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Fire Down Below

There is no "below" or "above" in space. There is only dust, rock, gas and radiant energy. Here's one of my now-standard red and blue fiery nebulas from one of my editions of small space pictures. I just kept turning them out didn't I. I tried other colors but red and blue seemed to make the best pictures. I have hundreds of these. I made them because I could make them quickly with the airbrush and I knew I could sell them and make a little dough. In fact I used to call them "twenty-dollar bills." This one didn't even make $20, my records show it sold for $12 at a Philcon (Philadelphia science fiction convention) in 1990. That wasn't a lot even 20 years ago. After a while it wasn't worth it for me to make these pictures any more.

"The Fire Down Below" is acrylic on illustration board, 10" x 7", October 1990.


Anonymous said...
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Tristan Alexander said...

Hmm more Japanese or is that Chinese spam....
I can't belive this sold for $12. That is so cheap and not normal for your stuff. Nice flame look to it. And red and blue, very Super Man like!