Sunday, May 23, 2010

City of Light Detail

I have found an important resource in my program to digitally archive all my artworks. This is "Digipixart," a photo processing and printing shop in Fairfax, Virginia. They can either photograph my original work or digitally scan, at high resolution, my library of 8" x 10" color transparencies. I can take care of my own color slides, but I have never been able to get the old transparencies digitized. This image is a detail from one of my big fantasy cityscapes of the 1990s, "City of Light." It is cropped from the large file that Digipixart produced for me. Digipixart hands the work to me on a CD. Each transparency costs $15 to transcribe to digital, and it's $50 to photograph an original painting. I think it's worth it. I need to do more work on the color slides, too. But I'm busy preparing for Balticon which is coming up next weekend.

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