Sunday, May 30, 2010

Frankie and Vinny host Balticon

Back from Balticon! I did quite well, sold 6 out of the 9 art pieces on my panel, though I did not make back my convention expenses. I talked to a lot of professionals in the field and looked at lots of books and other artistic things. I was excited to see that in the ten years since I have done commercial science fiction/fantasy art, the opportunities for art have expanded rather than contracted. There are not only book covers, but all sorts of venues in small press or magazines or (locally produced) games or collectibles as well as any number of Web based media. I don't know if any of this makes money but at this point I am just trying to get myself and my art known again after a long absence. I need to build a portfolio of new work for commercial purposes. This will be all digital. But I'll still make those geometric space designs in conventional paint and board, for the "fine arts" market. If you don't like what I'm doing, then there will always be something else to look at. Or you can go somewhere else where the art is really cool.

There is a modern interpretation of a shiny 1950's "diner" on the lower level at the Balticon hotel. It is used as the con suite at Balticon, a place where people can gather and socialize. The convention provides snacks and food and drinks. The place is called "Frankie and Vinny's" and has a lot of stainless steel and neon. I wish it was a real diner with real 50s nostalgia, but it's only a setting with tables and chairs. I drew this picture when the mythical Frankie and Vinny were hosting fans.

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