Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Flyer Sign

This is what I've been working at for Trader Joe's lately. The design is not mine, it was done by a co-worker in the sign crew. The making of the signs was my job. The assignment was to make 12 identical signs, with the same design on both sides (it needed to be adjusted a little bit to reverse). That's 24 sides. The base material is Masonite, which was first primed with spray primer coat. Then I traced the design onto the boards. A helpful crewmember with a skill-saw cut them out to the shape you see. Then I painted them with spray paint. Due to bad weather which made it impossible to spray outdoors, I had to take them into my apartment and spray them all in my living room, on a surface of cardboard sheets and newspapers. When they were dry, I returned them to Trader Joe's and painted the details on the leaves with acrylic. Then after that I painted the yellow leaves and lettering onto the signs. That's 24 sign faces in about, uh, 42 hours. In an ideal workshop with enough space to work on them all simultaneously, I might have taken less time. They are now done and will be hanging in Trader Joe's Tysons today.

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