Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tange Album Cover Series

Longtime readers (all four of you) have seen my cover art for the Scottish electronic music maker "Tange" before. Tange is now about to release a series of his live improvisations. He asked me to make a single cover which could be produced in a different color for each album in the series. This is the result for the first four.

Even though the design is intentionally retro (inspired by 1960s "modern music" album covers) it is the product of Photoshoppage. I created the starfield in the background, then imprinted the flower-like pattern warped into an oval from a circular original. Then I added the warped keyboard, which was originally a straightforward picture of an electronic keyboard, in fact one of the ones that Tange plays. Finally, the original color was modified through the "Hue" control to produce a different color in the two-color design. The "modern" type came last. All of these elements could be quickly changed at any point, something which the graphic designers of the past would have to slave for hours to do. Click on the pic to see a somewhat larger version.

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