Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Digital Chalk Drawing

I'm experimenting with soft edges in Photoshop figure drawing. What I want is something that delineates the figure around the edge without being too dark and line-like. The edges of a figure are often darker, especially in bright light, but they blend into the solid form of the body and that effect is hard to get in pencil or other media. But chalk and charcoal blend easily so I tried to simulate that effect in Photoshop. I have hardly ever used chalk or charcoal to draw with because they are so messy. But the pixel blender works great (as long as you set it just right and don't use it too much) and you don't get gritty dirty dust all over you. The model here is from one of the excellent "Art Models" resource books for artists. I like working in this muted sepia color.

Photoshop, original size about 5" x 7", October 5, 2011.

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