Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ornate Leesburg Facade

This ornate 19th century building facade was created by craftsmen in Leesburg, Virginia who wanted to show off their woodworking skills. It is the Norris House, which is now a bed and breakfast inn. The innkeepers are British expatriates, hence the Union Jack flying next to the Stars and Stripes. I had a nice conversation with them when I photographed the building for my reference, and I'd love to stay there someday. This drawing was done from one of the photographs I made on that day. (The usual disclaimer apology for not doing the drawing on site like a "real" artist.) Leesburg is full of interesting architecture and I am starting a series of architectural studies which will be shown in a gallery there.

"Norris House" is technical pen in brown ink on Fabriano paper, 8" x 10", October 12-13, 2011. Color will be added shortly.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Very nice, love the way you do these!