Sunday, October 9, 2011

The View from Willowcroft Winery

I brought the iPad back to a winery, being more confident now that I will not hit the wrong button and delete my drawing. I visited Willowcroft Winery, a very rustic place hidden away up a high hillside among estates and pastures. Willowcroft has one of the best views of any winery I know, and this is the view, done on site, plein iPad. I admit to a bit of Photoshop reworking after I brought it into the main system, but not much. The golden glow of sunrays over the mountains really exists, although it looks like special effects. The weather was absolutely perfect. I watched the hills change color as the sun set. Willowcroft, the oldest winery in Loudoun County, features a good selection of whites and reds, including an excellent off-dry Riesling blend and a spicy, warm Chambourcin, one of my favorite red varieties.

Willowcroft View is Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, about 14" x 10" original size, October 8, 2011.

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