Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cats of the Four Elements

Usually my clients who commissioned miniatures wanted their own portrait and name on them. But one fan from New Jersey wanted her cats to have their own portrait nametags. She had four of them, and from what she described of their personalities, I decided to place them in the theme of the four traditional elements. As was common in those Celtic-centric days of fandom, two of them had names from Celtic mythology. My tag for "Black Powder" was the only tag where I ever used pre-made ("press-type") lettering. My tag for "Tallitu" had a bit of shaping around the edge, since like the others, it was not going to be used as a real nametag badge. The cats are all gone, but as always I wonder what happened to the person and her miniature art.

4 nametags of the usual miniature shape and medium, collected and arranged in Photoshop, April 1982. Click on the pic to see it a bit larger.

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Joel said...

Of course I'm a sucker for cat pics so naturally I love these :D I particularly like Llyr. My eye keeps getting drawn to that face for some reason.