Monday, March 16, 2009

Trader Joe's goes Steampunk

Every couple of months, Trader Joe's puts out a booklet full of charming ads for various goodies, called the "Fearless Flyer." Each edition of the Flyer has a different theme. This month, some unnamed trendy genius in the California-based central graphics department has given the Flyer a "steampunk" theme. For those of you who have no idea what "steampunk" is, it's a rather recent science fiction/fantasy genre which mixes Victorian design, history, costuming, and technology with futuristic sci-fi. It tends to be written in a kind of pseudo-florid language, reminiscent of Victorian writers. Think gentlemen in waistcoats and top hats riding electric-powered airships and calculating on brass engines. The Flyer cover even has an octopus, which is a recurring "theme creature" in Steampunk. 

Each store must come up with "flyer indicators" to point out the goodies that are featured in the booklet. This is what I created as our Steampunk flyer indicator, complete with airship and sea monster. Original drawing is 5" x 5", embellished in the Transcendental Lantern of Colors (otherwise known as Photoshop).

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Tristan Alexander said... "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne" was Steampunk? I loved that show.
THis has made me think of an odd idea, I would love to see a Steampunk version of Star Trek! If the "Next Generation" cast was used they would fit pretty well. Jean Luc Picard in a Victorian costume would be perfect and Data seems to also fit. Love the sign by the way.